Why a Wedding film?

We all know that weddings are expensive and a lot of time and money is spent meticulously planning, what is for the majority of people the most important day of your life! Yet, once the day finally arrives, within just a few short hours that day has passed. Yes there are those precious photographs to look back on but if you have a wedding film made you will literally be able to experience that day over and over again and not just you but your loved ones- perhaps some who live overseas and couldn’t actually make your wedding day. Just think, a wedding film captures those looks and sounds, the laughter and the tears in a way that only film can. When you think back to some of the most moving films you have watched, how much of an impact would they have had on you if they were only in picture form? No sound? No subtle variations of emotions expressed and yet captured in film.  Yes Film is a unique medium to capture the one day you will want to remember forever. The fact is, nothingcaptures and documents your wedding day like a well made wedding film.