I get to work with a lot of great Photographers and some you really gel with and work together as a team on the day

and that’s great for the couple because it means they will get the best possible Wedding Film and the best possible Photographs

because the film won’t have lots of shots with the photographer in it and vice versa the photographer won’t find the videographer

getting in his shot, so team work is so important to ensure a great wedding film and amazing photographs! I am now very pleased to announce that Julian Voigt Wedding Films is working with RW Wedding Photography to offer couples a unique and affordable Video & Photo Option.

Introducing Ryan Williams from RW Photography

Having worked with Ryan and having a number of weddings booked together for next year I can wholeheartedly

recommend him to any couples looking for a Photographer. His approach to shooting weddings is very much like my

own in that he is very much documentary style with a natural un-forced approach. He is very good with people and like myself

doesn’t believe in forcing couples to do what they don’t want to do respecting that this is a couples wedding.

//Video & Photo Package

Myself and Ryan got together and decide to offer something unique- a Wedding Video & Photo package. Often

a newly engaged couple draw up a wedding budget and a wedding list and the latter is very much dependant on the budget,

there are the must have’s and then there are the ‘wants’.  Form many couple having a professional Photographer and Videographer is

out of the budget and to costs can mount up. Myself and Ryan have put together three packages that will make having a Wedding Photographer

and Videographer affordable  and with the simplicity of one simple booking where by you get the ‘dream team’

Take a Look at Ryan’s Work…