My Style

In my mind that is what a good wedding filmmaker should be looking to capture – those precious emotions experienced on one of the most memorable days of your life! The laughter, joy and tears you experience on your wedding day is like no other. I aim to discreetly capture all those precious moments for you to experience for a lifetime in a beautifully edited wedding film that creatively tells your story. I use 2 cameras discreetly placed. Most of the time you won’t know I am there. Find out more>

Why choose a Wedding Video?

When you decide to get married and set the date out come the lists – so many things to organise and pay for! Often having a wedding film made is not at the top of the list and may even be somewhere down the bottom. The term ‘Wedding Video’ often conjures up mental images of a 1980’s camcorder-wielding uncle or friend of the family that delivers you a VHS poor quality epic 2 hour film filed with shaky footage and lot’s of shots of either people dancing (badly) or stuffing their faces- neither of which you want to see. Those type of videos get watched once and then shoved in a cupboard never to see the light of day again. Find out more>


I aim to create a tailor made wedding film that just for you! No ‘off the peg videos.’
Essentially I offer 3 options but we are always open to creative suggestions. Find out more>