I met with Shona & Lee about 8 weeks before their wedding at Eaves Hall and during the meeting I really got a sense of who they were as a couple. This to me is so important because if you do not get a sense of who a couple are together and as individuals then I don’t feel you can create a wedding film that will truly reflect them as a couple- this is a big reason if and when possible I like to meet up with my couples and if that is not possible at least have a FaceTime chat which is as easy as a phone call these days with, Skype, WhatsApp and FaceTime.



During my meeting with Lee & Shona it was obvious that family was really important to them and that their lives revolved around their kids. Also I could see that Lee (the groom) was himself a ‘big kid’ those are his words not mine- in fact during his vows – the personal vows he had wrote himself and was affirming to Shona he actually said;  ” I promise to never grow up…”   Lee told me that he wanted the wedding. film to be honest and true to how they are as a couple- to show his larger than life ‘big kid’ personality and to not be overly contrived.  I really do think this is important for us as wedding videographers because we might have it in mind to create a certain type of a film, perhaps one as a portfolio piece but essentially the wedding film should be about the couple and not us and that is one reason why each and every wedding film should be different, no two wedding films should ever be the same. Ofcourse we want our wedding films to look beautiful and reflect the type of work we want to be known for but I believe we can achieve both things;



1. A Film that captures the essence of a couple and their Big day

2. A film that is both beautiful to watch and reflects our style and approach as wedding film makers. Here is how I think that can be achieved in 3 simple steps:

  1. Get to know the couple, if not by a meeting at least by phone calls, Skype calls etc. Also devise a questionnaire that and ask the couple to fill in that will give you a feel for them and help build a picture about them as a couple and as individuals.
  2. Knowing something now about the couple look for those elements during the day of filming and make sure to isolate them in the edit but blend them tastefully with the rest of the footage
  3. Balance is so important, as a film maker we want to tell stories with our films and like all good stories there is an arc. This is where the action rises and falls or you might say where the emotion rises and falls, for example if we keep our films all about laughter and dancing then that would not be a true reflection or record of the day, what about the solemn moments? What about the nerves? What about those sad moments- perhaps absent family and friends? Yes all these elements are essential to creating a truly balanced film.


What I wanted to capture in Lee & Shona’s wedding film;  1. Lees larger than life ‘big kid’ personality and just how important family life was to Shona and Lee and what a great mum she was to her girls along with all the other elements I have just mentioned. Did I achieve my aim?

Judge for yourself by watching their eaves hall wedding video 1 minute instagram version here:


Getting Married at Eaves Hall Clitheroe? Looking to capture your wedding day in a way that will let you remember it forever? If you are getting married at Eaves Hall and looking for a wedding videographer then please get in touch to see how we can create a

stunning wedding film for you to be capture all the emotions of your day. Maybe you are getting married elsewhere, then again please get in touch for a free no obligation consultation.


If you would like to watch the 4 minute trailer of Shona & Lee’s wedding film then that can be found on my website under the tab




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Owen House Wedding Barn

Owen House Wedding Barn in the heart of rural Cheshire is a  family run venue, lovingly converted in 2013 the venue and the farm offer couples a totally exclusive, relaxed and unique countryside wedding.

It was this venue that Naomi & James chose to celebrate their marriage with the family and close friends last June.  A really nice venue with bags of character and some very attentive staff.  It was a swelteringly hot day so keeping my Sony A7sii camera

from overheating was a bit of a challenge as I did get the temperature warning on the screen a couple of time but swapping the batteries helped to cool it down thankfully.


Tell a story…

Naomi & James’ story was definitely one I had to incorporate into their wedding film as James told me that he had proposed in their favourite City New York- in fact they had a picture on their shelf commemorating the proposal in New York and this appears in the

film, take a look (I will post the link to the trailer at the end of this blog) James had took Naomi out for breakfast the morning he was planning to propose but was so nervous was that he couldn’t eat his breakfast, in fact he mentions this in the film. To James’ relief Naomi said yes and the plans started for their wedding.

I always try to find out a little something about the couples who’s wedding I film because I create my Wedding Videos with a story driven element in them- in my mind this makes them engaging to watch but more importantly personal to the couple, after all the wedding film. is really about them. One of the best ways to tell a story in a wedding film is for their to be a narrative that accompanies the images, this can be achieved a number of different ways, an interview with the groom as is the case in Naomi & James’ wedding video or by using some of the speeches or vows as somethings these will have elements about how the couple met, how he proposed.  Sometime a groom or a couple will not want to be interviewed for their wedding film and that’s perfectly fine too because I am strong believer in not making a couple do anything they do not want to do. As mentioned earlier there are other ways to tell their story in the wedding film. Other ways to tell a story visually without words is to look for photograph’s in the house when filming, or cards, letter etc. With regard to letter and cards be careful not to intrude on the couples privacy be revealing what is written in the card to letter- a simple  My Dear…. is sufficient.


Cheshire Wedding Videography


Cheshire is a beautiful county and one that I have had the privilege of visiting at least three time this year to film weddings. In my next Blog I will talk about Elly & Chris’ Wedding in Chester. If you are getting married in Cheshire and looking for a wedding Video then please give us a call as we would love to chat about how we can make a beautiful wedding film for you to be able to remember your special day forever. Contact us on 07516 783512.  Email: julianvoigt_23@hotmail.com  web: www.julianvoigtweddingfilms.co.uk



Wedding Videographer Cheshire

Eaves Hall Wedding Videographer

Eaves Hall Clitheroe

I had the delightful privilege of Filming my first wedding at the delightful Eaves Hall in Clitheroe. I say delightful for a number of reasons, firstly the venue itself is stunning and is happily likewise situated in a beautiful location in the stunning Ribble Valley. The other reason for my description of this wedding venue as ‘delightful’ is the very friendly and helpful staff on hand on the day. The team there at Eaves Hall I found to be both professional and friendly not always a combination the goes together but it certainly did here.

Filming a Wedding at a New Venue

When you are filming in a new wedding venue there is always a little bit of anxiety, firstly because you are not familiar with the layout but also who the wedding co-ordinators are on the day. I always make a point of getting to a new venues extra early aswell as doing my homework on the internet a week or so before the wedding. Even though Eaves Hall is certainly a grand structure the layout and the staff gave it a very small family friendly like feel which is exactly what you want on a wedding day. It was obvious the staff here loved what they do and they worked very hard to ensure that Shona & Lee’s wedding day went very smoothly and that they and their guests were well catered for- as a videographer watching people all day long you notice these things!

Shona & Lee

Shona & Lee were surrounded my a big group of family and friends all eager to share in the celebrations of the day and I think they chose the best place for that to happen- Eaves Hall. The kitchen staff made sure myself and the photography team were looked after my making sure we were all well fed- always a bonus when you are filming for well over 12 hours!

The decor was very elegant at Eaves Hall and I think this shows itself in the wedding video I produced there.

If you are getting married and looking for a stunning wedding venue that’s grand but that also has staff treat you like close friends and family, I think you’d be hard pressed to find many places better than Eaves Hall, and of course if you are looking for a wedding videographer for your wedding at Eaves Hall look no further than Julian Voigt Wedding Films to film your wedding!

For more information about my wedding films visit: http://www.julianvoigtweddingfilms.co.uk

To see Shona & Lee’s Wedding Film Trailer you can watch it here:  https://youtu.be/Zu9hGsWx7S4

Dumfries Wedding Videographer

Southwest Scotland

Last July I had the privelige of helping document Ashley & Chris’ Big day in Dalswinton just outside of Dumfries southwest Scotland.

I don’t know what it is, but just 35 miles over the English border and you know you are in Scotland- the scenery, the people and just the charm of the place lets you know that you are now in a different country.

Another Hot day!

July 14th was promising to be another hot day and I was anxious to get some early morning shots with the drone on the Dalswinton Estate before the sun came up too high in the sky and then everything begins to look a bit nuclear.

The Beautiful Dalswinton Estate

I found the Dalswinton Estate about twenty minutes outside of Dumfries. Surrounded by rolling Scottish countryside in Dumfries and Galloway, Dalswinton Estate is a stunning Wedding Venue for those looking for a some rural charm. About eight miles north of Dumfries,  the Dalswinton Estate is famous for its stunning gardens and it’s own Loch. Having got there taken a number of early morning drone shots and realised I was going to be spoilt for choice when I finally got the footage into my editing software.

The Dalswinton Estate even has their own small red tin Church where couples can choose to get married if they are looking for a religious ceremony and this little tin red church looks like it’s right out of ‘Little House on the Prairie.’  As you are driving along the single road towards the Dalswinton estate if you blinked you would probably miss it!

The Bride & Groom

Ashley the Bride,  a school teacher and avid horse rider looked beautiful in a very classy wedding dress, and Chris her fiancee’ looked very dapper in a traditional kilt and jacket though I could see he was struggling with the 25+ degrees plus temperatures in the woollen jacket and kilt,  but he did look very smart and complimented his Bride well!

I was very grateful that Cammy their photographer from Dumfries new the estate and area well and he took the couple along with myself to the Loch to get some amazing shots later in the day as the sun dropped in the sky, you can see the footage in the video I have linked here in this Blog.

What I thought was particularly charming was that just before the wedding ceremony was about to begin I had noticed some of the local folk from the houses near by came out and were stood over the road wanting to witness the arrival of the bride, one of them spoke with me asking for a card apparently she was involved with the local village hall and the community but it was so nice to sea the community interested in a local wedding.

The whole wedding was a charming affair and the evening band that played the couples favourite music crowned the evening with some great songs that got everyone on the dance floor again you can see this is the trailer of their wedding film which I have linked below.

Would I like to do more wedding videos in Dumfries and southwest Scotland? The answer is yes!  If you are getting married and looking to document your wedding in the absolute best possible way,  then please consider Julian Voigt Wedding Films for your wedding in Dumfries or Southwest Scotland.

Ashley & Chris’ wedding Film trailer: https://youtu.be/N-VRPtMikq0

My website: https://julianvoigtweddingfilms.co.uk

Photography by Hermera Visuals: https://www.hemeravisuals.co.uk


This clip was from a Bartle Hall Wedding where the ceremony was outdoors.

Bartle Hall Weddings- Julian Voigt Wedding Films

Outdoor Weddings

One of the lovely things about wedding venues like Bartle Hall near Preston in Lancashire is that you can choose the option of an outdoor wedding. I had the privilege of shooting Hana and Stuart’s wedding

at Bartle Hall back in May and the weather was gorgeous and the couple had opted for an outdoor wedding. The way it’s set up at Battle Hall is that there is a small wooden out building which is registered for marriages

and the couples get married in that. Just in front of the out building is a patio area on which are two blocks of chairs for the guests to sit and witness the couples marriage. Because this is set back on the grounds just a little bit away from

the main building the effect is that you have a lovely quite space to conduct the wedding ceremony and you are sheltered by tall majestic trees hence you feel away from it all- no road noise or anything else for that matter other than the birds

which really does make for a lovely setting for a wedding!


The challenge for me as a videographer was making sure I was positioned correctly to capture the brides walk from the main building over to the area where the ceremony was to take place. This was a little different than a traditional set up say in a

room or church but given the space we had around the outbuilding and where the guests were sat we were able to get all the necessary shots we needed-  you can check out their wedding film trailer here: https://youtu.be/5OwNRYMgdJQ



There is something very natural about getting married outdoors I think, in fact wasn’t the first ever marriage performed outdoors when God brought Eve to Adam? Though not quite the Garden of Eden Battle Hall is a delightful setting for an outdoor wedding.

I also found the staff were very well organised on the day and Hana and starts wedding ceremony went very well and without any hitches. I also was very pleased with how the wedding film came out as were the couple as you can read their 5 star review here:

“… Julian has left me and my husband speechless after we viewed our wedding trailer for the first time. He captured the most meaningful parts of our day. We love every part of it and it’s something we can treasure forever.

We are shocked at how much of our day was documented as we didn’t even notice the cameras and the hard work he had put in to create this for us 😊 “


If you are a couple and looking for a venue to celebrate your marriage I can wholeheartedly recommend Bartle Hall as a wedding venue and if you are already getting married at Battle Hall and looking for a videographer to capture your wedding at Battle Hall then please consider

Julian Voigt Wedding Films as we create cinematic style wedding films that truly capture the beauty of your wedding day. For more wedding films please visits: http://www.julianvoigtweddingfilms.co.uk

Bartle Hall Wedding Video

Bartle Hall near Preston

Bartle Hall is an award-winning hotel in the heart of the stunning Lancashire countryside. A charming period mansion set in sixteen acres of beautifully landscaped gardens and woodlands. Hana & Stuart’s Wedding at the end of

May this year was the first one I had filmed at Bartle Hall in Lancashire and I have to say it was one of the best wedding venues I had ever filmed at and here’s why;


Bartle Hall

Bartle Hall is a period mansion set in it’s own grounds nestled in some stunning Lancashire countryside just outside of Preston. Bartle Hall is set back off a quite country lane and surrounded by majestic tall trees the impeccably kept grounds enhance the grandeur that is

Bartle Hall.  Hana & Stuart had opted to have their wedding outdoors and it was a beautiful May spring day with a little bit of a breeze which was quite nice because it was very warm. The fact that Bartle Hall is set quite a bit back off the main road lends to it’s feeling of being a safe place for families and children playing in and around the grounds. The buildings decor and furnishing are well thought out and it certainly has the feeling of being a high quality venue for a wedding. The main reception room was beautifully decorated and presented and it certainly has a unique feel to it.

 The Staff

This was the thing that impressed me the most about Bartle Hall- the staff.  I can honestly say I haven’t before come across such friendly and supportive staff at a wedding venue like Bartle Hall- period! Often when you are a ‘supplier’ at these type of venues you can often be viewed as either in the way as their staff are busy naturally attending to the wedding party or just as another ‘dog’s body.’ The staff at Bartle Hall were so friendly,cooperative and generally supportive in helping us capture Hana & Stuart’s wedding day without any problems, in fact the manager in charge on the day went out of his way to ensure we always were hydrated by giving us plenty of drinks and ensuring we were well fed- in fact we felt like we were wedding guests not suppliers. I was that impressed that I would be more than  happy to shoot wedding films at Bartle Hall every week 🙂


The Wedding Video

The wedding film trailer which you can see here has come out looking really nice, the grounds, the surrounding countryside,  Bartle Hall itself helped make this wedding film look good. Hana & Stuart were very easy going and the whole feel of the day was very relaxed. Everyone enjoyed themselves and this helped me get some great footage which will make it into their longer film. The surrounding woodlands were delightful and myself and the photographer Tony Higginson took Hana & Stuart into the Woods and we were able to get some lovely portrait style shots and footage of just the two of them and you can see that footage toward the end of the wedding video trailer. If you are getting married at Bartle Hall or thinking about it and you are looking for a Videographer to help capture your day then please choose Julian Voigt Wedding Films to shoot your wedding film at Bartle Hall or anywhere else for that matter 🙂

Hana & Stuart’s Wedding Film Trailer:






Julian Voigt Wedding Films : http://www.julianvoigtweddingfilms.co.uk

Lancashire Wedding Videography

One of the great things about living in Lancashire is not only the amount of places around you of such stunning natural beauty but also Lancashire has some of the best wedding venues on offer and

I feel very privileged to not only do the job I do but also I get to work in some amazing establishments. I will name a few on this blog that I have worked in in the last twelve months and what a couple

might expect if they were thinking of getting married in any these venues.

Manchester Victoria Warehouse

This was an amazing place to work in not only because it’s right in the heart of Manchester and there’s that suburban vibe thing going on here but what made Victoria Warehouse unique was it’s strong reminders of it’s industrial past which they have

kept as the theme in this place- huge iron girders, red brick walls, industrial floors this is a wedding venue for the young and chic who want something different. I loved filming here because it was so full of character and Jenna & Chris’s Wedding Film

came out looking great. You can see it here: https://youtu.be/mnFH8ZpnwXI

Beeston Manor in Lancashire

This family owned and run establishment in the heart of central lancashire just outside of Preston has a get away from it all type of feel. Surrounded by lovely countryside this small but very friendly Wedding venue was the venue of choice for Samantha & Paul Mironiuk who’s wedding

Julian Voigt Wedding Films had the privilege of filming last September. I remember it was a lovely bright autumn day and even though we had a smudge of rain in the late afternoon it didn’t not dampen the spirits of the wedding party and all had a great time. We got some great footage

and it’s definitely one of my favourite wedding films that I have shot in Lancashire. You can watch Paul & Samantha’s film here: https://youtu.be/DQpksuk87xI


The Villa Wrea Green Lancashire

One word aptly describes Wrea Green in Lancashire – ‘idyllic’  from the Ducks around the village green to the delightful village pubs Wrea Green is not only a great place to get married but a great place to live!  The Villa Country Hotel & Restaurant in Wrea Green was the

chosen wedding venue for Paul & Chantal last new years eve. I had the amazing privilege of being able to document their wedding day in film and this has been one of my most highly reviewed and applauded wedding film. Why? The location? Well that must have something

to do with it but I think the couple- Paul & Chantal were the reason so many love that wedding film- their genuine love and attachment to each other and their wider family shone through in the film. You can watch that here: https://youtu.be/bukJzm1H7pk

The Villa at Wrea Green was very nice, the food looked good and the function room was beautifully decorated and lit.


I love filming in Lancashire my home county and in my next blog I will review some more Wedding venues I have filmed at and post the videos for you to have a look at 🙂


Thanks Julian

Jenna & Dan’s Wedding in Ormskirk

Love in Ormskirk…

Last month I had the lovely privilege of capturing Jenna & Dan’s Wedding in a Cinematic Style Wedding Film and we couldn’t have wished for better weather! Jenna contacted me end of February so it was pretty last minute

but we were able to fit them in and produce a stunning wedding film that they were both delighted with.  It turned out to be a great day on lot’s of fronts really- firstly because the weather was so nice we were able to film some amazing outdoor

footage that really enhanced the Wedding Video and everything went really well and secondly because I was able to team up with a great photography couple- Ryan and Lauren. It really helps when the videographer and the photographer are on the same page and

work together as a team ensuring that the couple really do get great photographs and a great wedding film too. Myself, Ryan and Lauren got on so well that we decided to meet up a couple of weeks later and talk about how we could put together a Video/Photo package for couples

looking for an affordable videography and photography solution for their ‘Big Day.’ Which I am now pleased to say we are now making available.


A surprise!

When Jenna contacted me in February one of the things she wanted capturing in video was a surprise gift she had planned fo Dan on the morning of their wedding. Because Jenna was getting ready at a Hotel a few miles away she wouldn’t be there to witness his reaction to this gift that she had arranged her Dad to give Dan-  correction I should say ‘gifts’ because it was a selection of pressies. Myself and Ryan (photographer) got ourselves in place ready for Alan (Jenna’s dad) to bring out the gifts for Dan.  We managed to capture his reaction both in photo and video and his reaction to his main pressie- an Omega watch was clearly one of great surprise.

The wedding took place in Ormskirk in Lancashire and the reception was back at Dan & Jenna’s home in Ormskirk – a farm style house with quite a bit of land and space enough to erect a huge tepee to host the around  100+ guests that arrived to celebrate Dan & Jenna’s Big Day. The feel of the wedding was very relaxed and there was a real family feel to the day. I learned during the father of the Brides speech that Jenna had been a contestant on ‘The Apprentice’ back in 2012- so you could say this was sort of a celebrity wedding 😉


I always ask every couple that books Julian Voigt Wedding Films to film their wedding this;   ‘What one thing would you like capturing about your day,is their anything extra special happening? – for Jenna is was recording Dan’s Gift.


You can check out Jenna & Dan’s Trailer Film here: https://youtu.be/ioaFfDzNW6w


You can check out Ryan’s Photography here:https://www.rwweddingphotography.co.uk

You can check out more about the type of Wedding Films I create here: https://www.julianvoigtweddingfilms.co.uk

and the feature image in this Blog is thanks to RW.Wedding Photography


Why a Video/Photo team might be the better choice..


Often the way it usually works is like this;  the couple draw up a list of their ‘musts’ for the wedding day, the dress the venue, the food, the cake the photographer… you get the idea. Then, as the wedding day gets closer they might then say; “..Can we afford a Videographer?” Yes often the videographer is just above the chocolate fountain in terms of the Brides ‘must haves’ that’s because videography tends to come in and out of fashion. It was very much in fashion in the mid 1980’s and 1990’s but wedding videography from those decades was to be quite frank pretty awful! Lot’s of huge hulking great video cameras taking VHS tapes that produced poor quality images. The editing was also poor because studio professional editing software was not available to the jobbing videographer back then. Hence from those decades wedding videography had a bad reputation unlike photography.

Things have changed!

However fast forward thirty years or so and things are a lot different! With the Digital revolution industry level professional cameras and editing software are readily available to aspiring professional videographers and without having to sink a Kings ransom investment into them either. Hence ‘Wedding Films’ are growing in popularity again and Brides are looking for photo & video solutions that won’t break the bank because let’s face it hiring a quality photographer and quality videographer separately can be VERY expensive unless… you choose a photo/video package. Now in talking about a photo/video package I am not talking about a photographer that offers to record a few video clips for you from her photo camera or a videographer that offer to grab some still images from your video footage both of which would mean you would end up with either a poor quality video or some poor quality photo’s.  What I am actually talking about is a photographer/videographer team- yes a dedicated professional  photographer and a dedicated professional videographer both experts in their given fields.  We at Julian Voigt Wedding Films are pleased to announce that we are now working as a team with a professional photographer, one that we are confident in recommending to our clients looking for a video/photo option. What myself and the photographer I work with have come up with is a package that covers both a couple photo & video needs- and more importantly a price the couple can afford.

The TEAM you want!

Apart from the obvious advantage of saving money their is another VERY important advantage in choosing a photo/video team as opposed to hiring separate photographers and videographers and it’s this;  TEAM WORK.  A problem many photographers find when they are shooting a wedding is that the videographer is also chasing that same shot and can inadvertently get in the way- the same is true for the videographer he can end up looking through his video files to find the photographer is in more of the images than the Bride & Groom 😉  hence choosing a photographer and videographer that work well as a TEAM is vital to getting both stunning photographs and video.  Julian Voigt Wedding Films has been looking to TEAM up with a photographer for a while so as to be able to offer this advantage to our clients and we are now pleased to say we have that TEAM!


The Advantages

here are the advantages of a photo/video team:


  • Save Money- much more cost effective
  • Compliments one another and know each others shooting style and modus operandi
  • One booking- you don’t have to search for a photographer and then a videographer it’s all done ‘under one roof’ -so to speak
  • Emphasis on Photo or Video-  you choose;  you can get the photo’s you really want with a short highlight film to compliment them or get a film you really want with some photo’s added in.
  • Benefit each other- a photo/video team support each other hence you are more likely to get better photo’s and a better videos
  • Same style and feel- yes by choosing a photo/video team your photo’s will compliment your wedding film there will be a common story or theme to them
  • Simplicity!  Let’s face it planing a wedding can be daunting with a lot to plan and organise, by choosing a photo/video team it’s one less thing to have to think about.
  • 2 for the price of one-  yes you might find that you can actually get a photo/ video package for the same cost that you might pay for just a photographer alone!


If you re getting married and wondering about whether you can afford a videographer aswell as a photographer well we think now you can!  Get in touch to see how we give you both the photo’s and wedding film you deserve!  You only get married once!


If you would like to know more or would like to book a FREE consultation then please visit: http://www.julianvoigtweddingfilms.co.uk