It’s about the emotions

In my mind that is what a good wedding filmmaker should be looking to capture – those precious emotions experienced on one of the most memorable days of your life! The laughter, joy and tears you experience on your wedding day is like no other. I aim to discreetly capture all those precious moments for you to experience for a lifetime in a beautifully edited wedding film that creatively tells your story. I use 2 cameras discreetly placed. Most of the time you won’t know I am there. My editing style is engaging, I achieve this by keeping the shots short in duration but at the same time making sure the composition in the frame is both artistic and relevant- what I mean by that is I avoid ‘dead shots’ – footage that serves no particular purpose other than to fill space,  to me that is wrong it should be all about quality not quantity. Ultimately a wedding film should tell a story- your story!

Why a Wedding film?

We all know that weddings are expensive and a lot of time and money is spent meticulously planning, what is for the majority of people the most important day of your life! Yet, once the day finally arrives, within just a few short hours that day has passed. Yes there are those precious photographs to look back on but if you have a wedding film made you will literally be able to experience that day over and over again and not just you but your loved ones- perhaps some who live overseas and couldn’t actually make your wedding day. Just think, a wedding film captures those looks and sounds, the laughter and the tears in a way that only film can. When you think back to some of the most moving films you have watched, how much of an impact would they have had on you if they were only in picture form? No sound? No subtle variations of emotions expressed and yet captured in film.  Yes Film is a unique medium to capture the one day you will want to remember forever. The fact is, nothing captures and documents your wedding day like a well made wedding film.

About me

I live in the beautiful Lancashire Countryside with my wife katy our 12 year old son Zac, oh and our brindle coloured whippet called Jasper. I enjoy traveling, good food and good friends.

I love Film Making and story telling.  I love nothing better than escaping into a great film, who doesn’t.  I don’t think of myself as a wedding videographer but more of a story teller. The editing process is for me the most important part of the process and I love telling a couple’s story in the wedding film – I would love to tell your story.

Wherever possible  I like to meet with the couple who’s weddings I will film. I want to learn something about you both, after all your wedding film is unique it’s about the two of you mostly and those closest to you.  If you watch my feature length wedding films you’ll often you’ll hear the groom or the couple separately talking about each other, how they met and when they realised they wanted to spend the rest of their lives together. This story serves as an beautiful narrative to your wedding film and thus is a move away from the formulaic style boring wedding videos we have all no doubt sat through.  

The couples who’s weddings I film often tell me they can’t stop watching their wedding film! I love what I do and I honestly think any good wedding film maker or photographer cannot help but get emotionally involved with their work, and that is certainly true of me. I put nothing less than my heart and soul into the films I produce with the desire that you will be able to re-live those precious moments again and again forever in a beautifully made Wedding Film.


I have extensive technical training and a background in videography and I have been creating films and short videos for around eight years some of which have been broadcast on TV. My style is very much people centred and I love to hide in the shadows capturing all those beautiful moments throughout the wedding day. I capture all this not only on amazing broadcast quality HD video but also with professional audio recording too, which really does enhance the wedding film and gives in that cinematic quality.

Let’s talk about your wedding! Speak to me direct on 07516 783 512 or drop me a brief message through the contact page and I will be in touch soon!