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It’s personal

Hi my name is Julian Voigt a Wedding Film maker based in the North West of England but covering the whole of the UK and abroad. Documenting one of the most important and intimate events in two people’s lives for me is something I feel incredibly privileged to do and something that is incredibly personal too. I say personal, because I get to document some very special and intimate moments not just between a couple but their family and close friends too.


As a Wedding Film Maker you have to engage on an emotional level with what you are doing. My aim is to capture all those once in a lifetime emotions that you as a couple will experience on your wedding day and preserve them in a beautifully handcrafted Wedding Film that creatively tell your story.

If I had to some up my Wedding Films in 3 words those words would be;  Emotional, Personal and Creative .

Ultimately a wedding film should tell a story- your story.

About me

I live in the North West of England in the beautiful Lancashire Countryside with my wife katy our 12 year old son Zac, and our brindle coloured whippet called Jasper. I enjoy traveling, good food and good friends.

I love Film Making and story telling.  I love nothing better than escaping into a great film, who doesn’t.  I don’t think of myself as a wedding videographer but more of a story teller. The editing process is for me the most important part of the process and I love telling a couple’s story in the wedding film – I would love to tell your story.

Wherever possible  I like to meet with the couple who’s weddings I will film. I want to learn something about you both, after all your wedding film is unique it’s about the two of you mostly and those closest to you.  If you watch my feature length wedding films you’ll often you’ll hear the groom or the couple separately talking about each other, how they met and when they realised they wanted to spend the rest of their lives together. This story serves as an beautiful narrative to your wedding film and thus is a move away from the formulaic style boring wedding videos we have all no doubt sat through.  

The couples who’s weddings I film often tell me they can’t stop watching their wedding film! I love what I do and I honestly think any good wedding film maker or photographer cannot help but get emotionally involved with their work, and that is certainly true of me. I put nothing less than my heart and soul into the films I produce with the desire that you will be able to re-live those precious moments again and again forever in a beautifully made Wedding Film.